Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Building a New AR-15 in 5.56mmN/.22 LR

This week I should have all the parts in to build a multi-calibeer AR-15.  I won't go step by step since there are about, oh, 10,000 other blogs/YouTube videos showing you how to build it. 

Instead I will focus on the reasons why I chose to build mine the way I did.  It is an economy build with affordable, liable, and quality parts from known manufacturers.  This build will be handed down to my son when he is old enough to shoot.  It is goiong to be built like a Canadian Colt C-8A1 clone including green furniture.

Just some specifications:
- 14.5" M-4 Style 1:9 twist barrel with pinned flash hider.
- A3 upper with detachable A1 carrying handle
- Green furniture
- Parts by CMMG, JD Machine, Fulton Armory, Bushmaster, and more.

And like I stated it will be multi-caliber.

Stay tunned.....

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